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[URE-066] (English subbed) The Slutty Wives Of The Shopping District – Original Work: Fetakishi – Asahi Mizuno

URE-066 Synopsis – Minimal spoilers below
Ryoko (Asahi Mizuno) is married to Shinji and she loves him so dearly, except for a small detail that is making her so frustrated.

They work together at a local liquor store, where Koichi, a younger guy, is also employed.

Koichi (Yudzuru) is a very special character who has learned about the best things in life at an early age, namely: MILFs.

One day Ryoko hits him, with a proposal that he just can’t refuse.

This movie was pretty amazing and smooth, many thanks to the actors who nailed it and also delivered those amazing sex scenes.

The dialogues are so good and funny and the story is really well developed, which is rare for a movie this long (3-hours). Both the intro and the finale are madly hilarious and so well done.

The movie offers a few fetishes (Creampie, tits, Mature woman) but certainly, the main course is cuckold. The husband dude so damn funny and he appears more by the middle of the movie where he meets his cuck fate.

The movie has some things that we have seen already 2 million times before JAV, like the wife developing an unexpected cock-addiction, but in this movie, it’s done with a very nice and different touch.

The movie didn’t follow the original doujin all that much, but it wasn’t even needed with a script this good.

This series, once again, the gift that keeps on giving. 5/5 easy

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