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[URE-032] (English subbed) A Legendary Comic, See The Shocking Climax!! Sayuki’s Origin Last Volume The Obscene Fate Of Pregnant Mothers & Truth-Knowing Sons.

Hideo finally discovers the truth about the village in the most shocking way, she witnesses her sister Natsumi fucking with the villagers. And she is totally out of her mind begging for his Brother cock… who easily gives in since her wife has been missing for a while and he has blue balls. So this becomes a routine for him, every day banging with her sister.

By minute 49, has one really insane scene. Hideo is busy banging with his Sister Natsumi, but her wife suddenly comes into the room and start to have sex with another dude. So he finally realizes all the truth, and that her wife is also on the mix. But the thing is that they don’t stop f*cking. The married couple both has sex in the same room with someone else, feeling jealous of each other but not stopping anyways. Lol.

Another pretty strong moment is by minute 01:30:00, when Shuichi discovers what her Mom is up to. He discovers the truth and that her Mom is a total goner. The Mom still feels guilty but she doesn’t stop anyways.

On the Yuri plot. Shuichi saves her from getting raped, and this deeply moves her. She then decides she doesn’t want to be a village whore.


Big kudos to the actors and actresses who really did such a superb job at this movie. Special mention to Misaki Honda who is the soul of the video.

I suspect they filmed everything in a row, so judging both URE-031 and URE-032 as a pack the whole I have to say the whole thing is awesome. My only little complaint is the edit, a total of 8 hours may be too hard to stomach for most people?. But those who are up to the task of watching will be immensely rewarded, it’s a masterpiece.

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