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[URE-006] (English subbed) Original Work By The Genius Of T*****e & R**e, Hirohisa Onikubo !! Married Women Sla*es. Mariko, Misa Yuki Akari Asagiri

Mariko is a very dedicated wife married to the husband, Hiroyuki, who is hospitalized with an incurable disease. She misses him quite a lot and she has been enduring her libido for quite a while now.

One day, Mariko gets on the commuter train on the way to go visit her husband, and she bumps with her nephew, Yukihiko. They feel a strange attraction between them that turns in to lust as Mariko loses her control.

At the same time, Mariko’s neighbor, Kaoru, notices the happening… much to her disgrace.

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