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[SSPD-134] (English subbed) Arrogant Young Lady Stepsisters, Defiled


Sho Nishino. Reica is the older sister, born the daughter of an ultra-rich business owner of a real-estate company. All her life she has been pampered with the very best and serviced by an army of maids, butlers, and staff. She is arrogant, straightforward, and doesn’t give a damn.

Hatano Yui. Ayaka is the second sister. A miss dignified lady with a strong fear for germs and a disdain for the lower classes. In fact, she has a sadistic twist and she finds pleasure and fun in torturing and humiliating the servants.

Murakami Ryoko. The Mother. She has a very funny and epic scene with Sho Nishino, in which she outsmarts her. Perfect in this role.

Kanae Ruka. Imagine how ambitious a movie can be, to have Kanae Ruka as a secondary actress, dope. She has the role of a maid, the sister of Shindo, who gets humiliated by the 2 sisters.

Shindo. The personal driver of the Father. He mans up and steps forward when he gets a notice that her Sister Kanae is getting bullied.


Ayaka (Hatano Yui) has lost a ring and tells the sister Reica (Sho Nishino), who immediately blames the maid (Kanae Ruka) who she previously hated with a passion. Together they storm the maid quarters and blame her for stealing the ring, making her go fully naked on a table in search of the lost ring, humiliating her.

The Brother of Kanae and family’s driver gets word of what happened, and he also discovers the ring was not stolen but carelessly lost by Hatano. Enraged by this injustice he goes to ask Reica for an explanation. Reica’s arrogance and insults make him even angrier, and he gathers the courage to finally carry an act of revenge.

To sum up

The video is a masterpiece with a very ambitious and well-written plot. Or at least, and being realistic, as good as it can be for a 3-hour porn movie. The scene with Mother was wonderful and not to be missed. After that the two Sisters addiction to sex kick with full-force and the video is basically sex scenes non-stop, including the 3P. Not a complaint tho, because the sex scenes are wonderfully made with so much taste.

Sho Nishino acting was brutally good, much as expected since she is one of the best porn actresses in the whole of Japan, she can deliver in drama movies and she delivered here big time. Hatano Yui had the difficult task to match Sho Nishino acting, but she did very well and she has been a very pleasant surprise. And hey, even Hatano Yui pussy quif at 02:49:08 after a creampie… so I can’t ask for more.

All the other actors did a fantastic job as well.

All in all, is a very enjoyable movie and big-time Masterpiece. 5/5.

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