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[SSPD-124] (English subbed) Written By: Ran Midoh Female Teacher Tennis Club Dorm S***e

HOLY COCK BALLS, lads. This masterpiece movie does it big time. And is the perfect ending to an awesome Rina Ishihara month.

Plot = Ishihara Rina is an ex-tennis player who joins the prestigious White Roses Summer training tennis camp to prepare a tournament. She will find herself investigating the alleged sexual harassment performed by head coach Tamiya, who rules the camp with an iron fist.


Scene 1. Abeno Riku breakdown + brainwash. Abeno Riku is the team captain and she puts Rina on alert regarding what is going in the camp but she doesn’t directly reveal too much. Not long after that, coach Tamiya brainwashes her and Riku mind is totally gone. Riku does such an awesome job in this movie and the intro for the movie is really awesome.

Scene 2. Begins at minute 11. Rina Ishihara gets her suspicions confirmed and she is sure that something is off at this school, she gets terrified thus attempting to flee, but coach Tamiya still has the upper hand and doesn’t let her go. He then r*pes her on the tennis field. Tbh, this is probably the most iconic scene for this movie maybe. But nevertheless, it’s pretty brutal and disturbing.

Scene 3. Begins at minute 27, and is a supporting skit for the movie. After what happened, Rina tells the other female teacher, Suzukawa Ayane, what happened, but she doesn’t want to take action yet to avoid the public scandal. After this, she realizes Tamiya is giving the students some kind of mysterious aphrodisiac drink. To prevent Riku from drinking that potentially dangerous thing she steps froward and drinks it instead, ended r*ped again.

Scene 4. Begins at minute 52. Another supporting skit, where coach Tamiya sticks a vibrator inside Rina pussy. This is very important information for the part of the scene. And to be honest, this little skit was sexy as hell! Hot damn. Then the tennis game happens. Tamiya plays a tennis game Vs Rina, but Rina has the vibrator inside her vagina all during the game. LOL. Superb scene.

Scene 5. Begins at 01:05:00. The toilet scene. Rina mind is already broken and she ends up having sex with coach Tamiya on the toilet. While he is having a talk with the fiance who is also on the toilet peeing. Giving him the cuckold… I mean, LOL!! Incredibly good scene and I think it’s my favorite scene for the whole movie.

Scene 6. Begins at 01:24:00. A couple of toy scenes. She gets her butt spanked hard, and another with a huge vibrator.

Scene 7. A couple of supporting skits for the movie. One in which Rina cannot refrain herself from masturbating thinking of Tamiya. And another in which she finally rejects her Fiance.

Scene 8. By the end, Rina mind is completely gone and she openly seeks teacher Tamiya to have sex, because she cannot control herself anymore. She also finds that teacher Sasaki (Suzukawa Ayane) is also brainwashed and wants the same. They all end up having a 3P and that’s it. Teacher Tamiya basically won.

Overall, the movie is really good. The plot is really solid and ambitious. And the actors simply kill it. My only little complaint is that the ending felt a little weak. I mean compared with the other superb scenes and happenings. Also, somehow I expected a big harem that never happened, but all that it’s okay. It was nice that this movie used so many extras just to support the story.

Kudos to the writer of this epic movie. 5/5

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