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[SNIS-360] (English subbed) Insurance Saleslady’s – Kirara Asuka

Asuka Kirara is an insurance saleslady who gives us a tour in the intricate and fascinating world of insurance.

In a declining economy, there has been a lot of competition and stress and so, and Asuka’s bosses are pushing her to use her body to raise the sales numbers. She is reluctant at first to these dodgy sales-technices, but the numbers are not lying: All the customers that get to have sex with her are becoming customers to the company.

Encouraged by the 100% boost in sales she shows even more enthusiasm for this very special sales technique, to raise even more the numbers!

The video is pretty hilarious and is filled with priceless moments. Such as the guy ejaculating prematurely at minute 08:50 and Asuka laughing her ass off out of character. There was also a freaky cumshot at minute 00:38:51, and a few other niceties. Kirara charm and charisma did the rest.

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