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[SHKD-546] (English subbed) Fucked In Front Of Her Husband – Taboo Passion Rina Ishihara

Nanako (Rina Ishihara) is a married lady whose husband Father has passed away. So she alongside the husband go visit the unmarried brother-in-law Kyoichiro.

They find Kyoichiro lives in a shitty house full of trash, but they don’t have much choice but to stay there. The next day the husband goes to work and he leaves her wife with the brother on the house. Nanako begins to help with the cleaning, but it doesn’t take long until Kyoichiro gets an epic boner and assaults Nanako.

The movie is not very heavy on dialog and the plot was relatively simple. But still, the director job is almost perfect and the angles are awesome. The sex scenes were so well done too, especially that insane first scene r*pe that was so good.

The first scene was the r*pe scene and it totally eats the cake. It was so good because, to be honest, Rina Ishihara always gets r*ped in almost all her movies… so yeah, it was bound to be good.

The second scene is a quickie on the living room after the husband is passed out drunk. After the crazy 1st scene, one could have expected a very dark tone for the rest of the movie, but that wasn’t the case. Decent scene too.

The third scene was also very juicy. Set on the kitchen, Rina begins to give him a blowjob and is the confirmation that Rina is giving the cuckold to the husband now, not really getting forced anymore.

And the 4th scene is the cuckold climax… with a really good ending too, in which Rina just cannot stop shaking herself… well cuck’d my friend.


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