[RBD-776] (English subbed) The Day My Big Sis Became My Plaything – Saeko Matsushita

Matsushita Saeko is married to a husband who mistreats her and abuses her quite openly. One day after she returns home, she finds him fondling another girl on the sofa, not only they don’t stop but he even tells her to go away and continues the cheating.

Saeko is very humiliated and runs away to the home on her younger Brother who lives nearby in a very small apartment. With a failing marriage, a Mother that is working away, and a younger Brother who is struggling to make it to college Saeko-chan feels quite out of place and lonely. However, the Brother feels quite close to her Sister.

The next day Saeko returns home, and the abusing husband is drunk and rapes and beat Saeko, the younger brother arrives home and menaces the husband with a knife + stabs him.

Saeko and the younger Brother run away to the small apartment. Under the belief that his life is done for, the younger Brother doesn’t care about anything anymore and gets the courage to request Saeko for something more sexual, who after all that happened gives way. After all, the Brother thinks is going to jail. So, no condom? No problem. 🙂