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[PRED-164] (English subbed) Repatriated Girl Impregnated By Middle-aged Boss At Part-time Job. Reona Kirishima


Reona Kirishima is an expat Latina girl who studies in Japan with a scholarship. She begins to look for a part-time job too because she wants to send money to her Mother who lives abroad and struggles.

She gets interviewed by the manager at a local coffee shop, where she gets hired. She works alongside the middle-aged manager and another young male employee.


There is Reona, supposedly she is from Spain but the funny thing is, she only speaks Portuguese in the movie. Then I wonder, what was the necessity of presenting her as Spanish instead or Portuguese or Brazilian? We will never know! And yeah this movie has so many clusterf*ck moments.

Also gotta say, Reona cannot act even if her life depended on it. And no, that’s not a deal-breaker for this movie because her natural charisma and beauty are completely off the charts. She was fantastic here.

Secondly, there is the middle-aged manager: Tomohiro Abe. The real MVP of this movie. He carried everybody else in this movie, and he even appeared in the scenes where he doesn’t have sex to carry the other actors. BASED AS HELL. He is one of the best JAV actors ever.

Third, there is Kenta. A male young dude who also works in the coffee shop. He was pretty good and added a lot of value to this movie.

Additionally, there are 2 other male actors.


Completely unexpectedly but this turned out to be one of the funniest movies I ever sub. With so many priceless moments, examples:

  • Minute 00:08:17 = Shut the fuck up!!
  • Minute 00:13:31 = South American girls hide things in their assholes, Am I right?
  • Minute 01:42:30 = Hey Kenta, I don’t have money this month, but here, have some pussy payments instead.
  • Minute 01:47:15 = Reona unscripted laugh #1.
  • Minute 01:51:01 = Reona unscripted laugh #2. She was struggling a lot to not laugh because the manager was funny tbh. Thus she broke character more than a couple of times actually.

Based Tomohiro Abe speaking English and being occasionally racist AF was hilarious. His acting ranged from ruthless to hilarious… just so great.

And also, I assume the title was meant to be “expat” not “Repatriated”? I guess? Just another clusterfuck added to the pile.


All the things that are wrong with the movie just add extra flavor to it and end up making it even better. The plot is funny, the actors are great, the filmmaking is good. The manager was priceless and Reona’s body & face combo did the rest.

She is gorgeous and perfect. One of her best movies no doubt.


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