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[PRED-159] (English subbed) Dirty Step Father Brainwashes His Step Daughters We’re Happy To Be Our New Father’s Sex Toys. Eimi Fukuda Ai Hoshina

Eimi and Ai are two sisters whose Mother is sick as interned in a hospital. One year ago, Mother remarried with Tabuchi, a very rich man who is covering all the bills plus providing for the sick mother at the hospital.

In this junction, Tabuchi must have come to realize that is spending a lot of money and cumming none, so he quickly convinces Eimi to fulfill the marital duties that the sick Mother can’t do. A greater sacrifice to help him bust a nut, otherwise, he will turn against Ai, something he does later on anyways.

So the movie characters are these =

Eimi Fukada. The abnegated older Sister who wants to protect Sister Ai at all costs. Eimi acting was good and well above average (as per Eimi standards).
Tabuchi. The ruthless millionaire Father who stops giving a shit anymore. Tabuchi is the golden standard of JAV actors, he did well as always.
Ai Hoshina. The younger sister, she is the soul and superstar of this movie. Her character has a lot of substance and realism plus thanks to her that bathroom scene really happened, absolutely freaking epic.
The second scene was the best. The 3P action is good too thanks to the actress combo.

A surprisingly good movie. 5/5

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