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[NSPS-991] With The Man You Hate My Wife Was Fucked By The Town’s Authority Figure Aoi Mukai

Ai’s husband is indebted to his father’s friend for his job who does not consider the privacy of the couple and visits them regularly even on their marriage anniversary. One day ai and her husband bad-mouths him and he overhears them.

He gets the husband fired as revenge, ai call over this fellow to talk (big mistake), he then starts to force her to blow him with her cheeky mouth and they end up having sex with a facial.

Things continue like this with him playing with ai in risky places with her husband nearby. Ai starts to develop a liking to the semen of the male pornstar. The husband takes a supplement smoothie to stay energetic during the day, but he dislikes the taste and still continues to drink it. Ai also hates the smoothie because of the celery.

The sex continues and Ai is now his pound meat, by the end of the movie she also likes her husband drinks the smoothie (symbolism in a JAV).

By Rem-rin.

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