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[NITR-333] (English subbed) Fakecest Sex The Bride Was Having An Fakecest Love Affair With Her Father-In-Law Behind Her Husband’s Back Waka Ninomiya

Waka Ninomiya is married happily and the couple is living together with the husband’s Father.

The only problem she has is that husband is losing interest in her, and he is not even interested in having descendants. Something that is pissing off not only Waka but also the Father-in-law.

One day she was surprised when she saw the father-in-law masturbating to her underwear. Some panties that she thought lost. She leaves the room unnoticed, and also filled with joy because the father in law still sees her as a real woman, desired for.

After that, her new strategy to get pregnant is to seduce the father-in-law.

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