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[NIMA-007] (English subbed) This Dirty Old Man Made Me Feel So Good… The Female Body Satisfaction Series 01 – Asahime And Umekichi – Mio Kimijima


Asahime (Mio Kimijima) is a 27-year old office lady working at the big city that returns to his Mom’s house, to visit her during the summer holiday.

Things are very slow in the province and Mom observes that Mio is bored, so she sends her over to help the old neighbor with some chores. Because the neighbor Umekiche is an old decrepit guy that is living all by himself now.

However, good old Umekichi still has a lot of stamina left in the tank. 🙂


This live-action adaptation follows the manga material extremely closely, which is nice to see.

The actors did so well. Abe is hilarious as always, and Mio is incredibly sexy in this role that she nails perfectly.

All in all, good stuff.

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