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[MIMK-085] (English subbed) Having Sex With My Super Capable Married Female Coworker On Our Business Trip! She’s Always Really Serious And Scary But This Time She’s Just A Woman – JULIA

Rie Makino is a very hard-working female boss, well respected by everyone. Not only she is beautiful but also very capable.

This one time, an urgent problem arises at the company and she rushedly arranges a business trip with one of her male employees: Yamashita.

Yamashita has a crush on Rie, but could never dare say anything to her. However, the opportunity arises when she mistakenly enters the bath reserved for man only, fully naked. Yamashita goes bananas, and Rie, she gets shocked by the size of his huge cock…

It all conflux to the fantastic last scene with pantyhose at the office.

Julia’s acting was very good, much better than usual, she took a cumshot in the mouth and did swallow it. I suspect that maybe was fake semen, but damn, love to see it.

The guy did well too and carried her nicely, the sex scenes are juicy.

All in all, good stuff.

What do you think?

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