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[MIMK-071] (English subbed) Cuckold Daydream Syndrome – Mio Kimijima

Hajime is married to Ryoko (Mio Kimijima) and he cherishes her wife dearly. So much so, that he is having delusions that her beloved wife gets taken by random strangers having sex with her.

Lately, Hajime’s cuckold delusions have been accelerating badly. He even begins to space out and to hallucinate that his wife gets banged by another man. It’s worth saying that these NTR daydreams are also giving him an epic raging erection.

One day, Ryota, an old school pal of Ryoko comes to visit the house. And of course, Hajime begins to act weird…

The original manga has the same title “ネトラレ妄想シンドローム”, and this live parody apparently follows it pretty closely. The actors did really well and the action is hot. 5 stars easy.

As a final bonus this movie has a riddle: Was it all a daydream? Or Ryoko did really cheat him? All the clues are included in this fantastic movie.

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