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[MIAA-062] Swallowing All 123 Shots, 350ml Of Cum All At Once. Rika Mari

What a video, and what an ending damn… Mari Rika is perfect for this video, not only because she can handle all that jizz but also because of the variety of expressions and genuine reactions she offers, she is really amusing.

The video is excessively long, but very well presented and really well done. They walk us to everything that is happening and they tell the “story” really well: Mari arriving at the studio, getting a walk-through to everything she will be doing, meeting the guys for the first time, etc. Or in other words, immersive content, if that makes any sense.

So the video begins, and the guys start to cum in a glass vase, and Rika collects the semen. Inevitably she ends up slurping such cup and gifting us with her facial expressions. But she didn’t take it and spits in a bowl that she saves for later (important detail).

On the following scene, she gets to blowjob the guys and collect more semen in the previous bowl. And by minute 02:40:00 the defining moment of this video arrives when she have to slurp the bowl. She has dried up semen in her face, something that (kinda) proves the semen is real and begins to drink the bowl while crying at the same time, I really felt bad for her. ?

It took her a really long time to finish drinking up the bowl and it was truly disgusting. A horrifying ending for an otherwise incredible Gokkun video. I can only hope Mari Rika’s check was fat enough, she deserves it. ?

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