[JUL-557] (English subbed) Ririko Kinoshita Is Lifting Her Lesbian Series Ban!! During The 3 Days While My Husband Was Away On Business My Body Only Love Lesbian Ladies. Ririko Kinoshita Yu Shinoda

Ririko has been happily married for a while. The husband’s sister Yu moved to Tokyo with the goal of becoming a photographer.

One day the husband leaves on a 3-day business trip. And they begin to get closer to each other. They have some drinks and after some pointless conversations about nails, Yu gets her chance to get closer to the sister-in-law. She begins to experience things she never felt before and she makes a confident move.

This movie stands up for this really weird actress combination. It is a Ririko movie for Ririko fans, but at times feels like Yu Shinoda steals the show.

The levels of awkwardness are insane, and that makes it more fun.