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[JUL-222] (English subbed) Tonight, I Might Be Made A Man. Yuko Shiraki

JUL-222 is an ultra-realistic drama featuring a mature lady and a virgin guy that collide in a fitting, yet impossible love story.

The guy, Ito, is a student that works part-time as a waiter in a small coffee shop. He is a virgin guy that doesn’t talk to girls and he never dated a girl. His actual prospects of finding a girl are close to 0.

On the other hand, Yuko Shiraki is a middle-aged woman who had a breakup 3 years ago and has a son that already reached the rebellious age. She is having serious trouble finding dates and she feels the social pressure. Hopeless, she already pictures herself alone in the future.

Now, Ito likes Yuko in secret, but he would never dare to do anything about it. One day, however, Yuko forgot a handkerchief in the coffee shop and he rushes to return it to her, this being the ice breaker.

The next day the had a very long conversation at the coffee shop and Ito gained enough confidence to invite her to go to the movies. She feels delighted with the sudden attention received and accepts the offer.

The movie is nice and even the ending feels realistic. With Yuko managing the situation with her more mature point of view.

The movie has only 2 serious wtf moments: The first at 01:22:00, when she brings out a huge dildo that she had on her purse(?), Okay. The second, a mysterious fart sound at 1:48:00, that was kind of confusing.

For anyone curious, Yuko is about 44 years old now and she started in 2012. Other than that, this is a pretty decent movie.

What do you think?

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