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[JUL-029] (English subbed) Masochistic Family Wife – Maki Hojo

Maki Hojo suffered from domestic violence during her previous marriage and developed a trauma. However, sometime later she meets this guy at work, Satoru, and she remarries.

Maki comes to realize that Satoru doesn’t even ask for sex and she believes it’s because he is a very gentle and nice person. But soon she will discover that it’s because of his masochistic nature.

As she moves to live with Satoru’s family (all of them are guys), it becomes evident that the whole family is a bunch perverts with a taste for Masochism.

The perfect playing ground to allow Maki to become the Queen of mean and achieve her inner-most desire: Becoming a strong woman.

Every scene features a different male actor, and Maki Hojo was wonderful and magnificent.

What do you think?

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