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[JUFE-196] A Black NTR Impregnation Full Court Press This Is The Story Of How My Beloved Girlfriend Got Fucked By Piece-Of-Shit Homeless Foreigners… Erina Oka

LOL! that title. What the… The stakes are super high lads.

In this edition, Erina and the boyfriend are in the park when they suddenly bump with Mike sitting on a bench, a foreigner who has lost his job and is totally broke.

Erina decides to invite him to stay over at the parent’s house temporarily, much to the dismay of the boyfriend who gets an instant bad feeling about it.

Sure enough, Mike ends up banging with Erina, and she never can go back. She has sex with the Japanese boyfriend again later on to no use, because she barely feels a thing (01:03:00).

Eventually in the epic ending, the Japanese boyfriend discovers what’s going on and gets pissed off about it. He storms the house and punches Mike in the face. But it’s too late and too pointless because you brave and cool, but my dick… is better than yours(!). BOOM!

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