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[ATID-437] I Was Talking With My Co-Worker At My Part-Time Job About The Time I Got Fucked By An Old Guy Who Was Older Than My Dad, And He Seemed Really Jealous, So… Yukina Shida

Some food poisoning cases happened at this small restaurant where cheerful Yukina works. Most of the staff and customers left but she decided to stay with the manager to rebuild the place up. Yukina is gorgeous and

They hire an old and rather disgusting dude to work there and she is in charge of training him. However, this dude that is older than Yukina’s Father gets the wrong idea and rapes her on the spot, instantly regretting his decision.

Yukina’s facial expression at minute 17 totally made my made. After that, things didn’t improve much for her.

The drama part leads to a couple of nice situations but it was a bit forgettable. On the good side of thing I’m really satisfied with Yukina Shida’s performance.

What do you think?

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