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[ADN-260] After The Party, I Missed My Last Train Home, So My Lady Boss And I Went To A Love Hotel And Spent The Night There… Nami Hoshino

So I learned that this is Nami Hoshino’s final retirement video. She is leaving JAV to change career and start some business venture it seems.

The video itself doesn’t feel anything like retirement, and it’s almost certain it wasn’t planned to be so. I guess corona disrupted or accelerated some plans, maybe.

Nami Hoshino debuted in 2012 and joined S1 in 2013 to do the best videos in her career where she remained in S1 until late 2019.

I feel a bit assblasted, to be honest, I was a huge fan of her during her best S1 years (2014-2017), during those years it always fun to fap to her monthly videos alongside others from Tia, Kirara, Shion, etc, back when S1 was insanely stacked it was really good times.

Anyhow, we wish her the best in life. Nami’s twitter can be found here = @hoshino_nami73

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